Patient Public Involvement (PPI)

Patient Public Involvement (PPI)2021-06-10T00:30:34+01:00

Each research partner established a Patient Public Involvement (PPI) voluntary advisory group made up of members of the public that have experience caring for a family member with dementia. The overall aim of PPI within mySupport study is to support a shared understanding of how best to support decision making at end of life for people with dementia and their carers.

mySupport study PPI members work alongside the research team to guide and inform decisions about aspects of mySupport study. Members have opportunities to influence this research and its outputs, including reviewing study materials, advising on ways to reach people who may want to participate in this study, or benefit from the outputs and findings.

mySupport study Strategic Guidance Council

An international PPI panel known as the Strategic Guidance Council has also been established with membership across all six countries. This group will inform mySupport study going forward. To learn more about how the Strategic Guidance Council was formed and how it is managed read this short blog article: Link

If you would like any further information about this study please email:

Strategic Guidance Council Members