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mySupport study Public and patient involvement

The research team in each country have established Public/Patient involvement (PPI) voluntary advisory groups which are made up of members of the public that have experience caring for a family member with dementia.

The overall aim of the PPI is to support a shared understanding of how best to support decision making at the end of life for people with dementia and their carers.

Our PPI members work alongside the research team to guide and inform decisions about aspects of mySupport study. The team are delighted to have members who have experience as a family carer to co-design and help develop mySupport activities. We, the research team seek advice and guidance from members at key stages throughout this study. Members have opportunities to influence our work, including reviewing study materials, advising on ways to reach people who may want to participate in this study, or benefit from our learnings.

An international PPI panel known as the Strategic Guidance Council has also been established with membership across the countries. This group will inform mySupport Study going forward.

If you would like to find out more, you can download the flyer below to share with your colleagues and networks or someone you feel may have an interest in joining the Voluntary Advisory Group:

mySupport study Voluntary Advisory Group information flyer

Also, if you would like any further information about this study please contact a member of the mySupport study team by Email: