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Developing an International Public and Patient Involvement Group for Dementia Research

Authors: Danielle Just, McMaster University and Emily Di Sante, McMaster University
Date of publication: June 2021

Keywords: Patient and Public Involvement, family carers, end-of-life care, good death

The development of a question prompt list to support family caregivers of people with dementia in advance care planning

Author: Laura Bavelaar, MSc Leiden University Medical Center
Date of publication: May 2021

Keywords: Dementia, Family caregiver, Patient engagement, Shared decision making, End-of-life care, Nursing home

COVID-19 Restricted family access measures in Canada; the impact on nursing home staff

Authors: Dr Tamara Sussman, McGill University, Ms. Susan Mintzberg, McGill University and Dr Sharon Kaasalainen, McMaster University
Date of publication: April 2021

Keywords: moral distress; family visitation; compassion

Residents and families mourn as restrictions are imposed on visiting nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Dr Irene Hartigan, University College Cork
Date of publication: February 2021

Keywords: restricted visiting, long-term care environments, separation, anticipatory grief, loss, anticipatory mourning

Do We All Have an Advance Care Plan?

Author: Dr Karen Harrison Dening, Dementia UK
Date of publication: December 2020

Keywords: Advance Care Planning

Preventing, Correcting, and Managing Undernutrition in a Person with Dementia

Author: Dr Irene Hartigan, University College Cork
Date of publication: November 2020

Keywords: Hydration, Nutrition, Dementia, Comfort feeding, Autonomy, Decision-Making

The Impact of Contextual Factors on End-of-Life Care in Nursing Homes in the Czech Republic

Author: Karolina Vlckova, MSc., Centre for Palliative Care
Date of publication: October 2020

Keywords: End-of-life care, Nursing Homes, Advance Care Planning, Palliative Care, Advance Directives

Advance Care Planning as a Medium for Providing Care Aligned to Peoples Wishes

Author: Dr Nicola Cornally, University College Cork
Date of publication: March 2020

Keywords:  Advance Care Directive, Advance Care Planning, Self-determination Theory, End-of-life Decision Making