mySupport study Early Career Researchers’ Committee

mySupport study Early Career Researchers’ Committee2021-04-23T16:49:18+01:00

The mySupport study Early Career Researchers’ Committee (ECRC) was formed to create an international network of early career researchers who are working as part of the mySupport study team. Members include PhD students, Post-Doctoral Researchers, Research Assistants and Research Co-Ordinators. The core roles and responsibilities of the committee alternate every six months to encourage capacity building and the development of leadership skills. The committee hosts monthly virtual meetings, member presentations and specialist workshops which facilitate knowledge exchange and information sharing between members. These events encourage collaboration and promote communication across study sites and partner countries. The committee is also actively involved in group publications and blog writing and work closely with senior members of mySupport team on professional development and career progression via a mentoring system.

Watch this short video which details how the international committee is supporting its members: LINK