In previous research, the Family Carer Decision Support (FCDS) intervention was found to reduce family carer decision-making uncertainty on establishing goals of care at the end of life and improve family carer satisfaction on fundamental choices for comfort and quality of care.

Die FCDS-Intervention besteht aus drei Kernelementen:

  1. Provision of a Comfort Care Booklet to family carers.
  2. Training of nursing home staff.
  3. Delivery of a Family Care Conference.

The main aim of mySupport study is to adapt, implement and evaluate the FCDS intervention in six countries.

Specifically, this study will:

  1. Adapt: the Comfort Care Booklet and a Question Prompt List for each country participating in the study.
  2. Implement: the Comfort Care Booklet with Question Prompt List in nursing homes for people with advanced dementia using Family Care Conferences or meetings.
  3. Evaluate: the impact of the intervention on family carers and nursing home staff.

In this study, ‘nursing home’ is used to refer to a collective institutional setting in which care is provided to older adults, on-site 24 hours a day, including on-site or off-site nurses and medical staff.